Fill Your Cup with Delight Every Day

It’s not what you do it’s how you do it.  It’s not what you see, it’s how you look at it.  It’s not how your life is, it’s how you live it.

~ Nishan Panwar

Do you take time every day to do something to delight yourself?afternoon-tea-concept_M1Cpm5Ou

I love the word “delight!”  It has the word “light” built right into it and reminds me of butterflies, soap bubbles and sudden smiles.  We live simply miraculous, beautiful lives full of opportunities for delight – but sometimes we don’t feel all that delighted.

Instead we may feel heavy, obligated, overwhelmed and gray.  Like we are slogging away through an endless to-do list that perpetually grinds us down.  We can shift that feeling pretty easily (even if the to-do list is not getting any shorter – but that’s a topic for another post) by shifting how we look at things — by bringing delight into the picture!

Remembering delight will bring more ease, energy and happiness to any life situation.

I invite you to consider whether you are filling your cup with delight every day.

If you are feeling depleted or like the concept of self-care is a distant dream that you’ll get to “someday,” filling your cup with delight can be just what the doctor ordered.  Here’s how to do it:

The Practice:


As you live your day, simply notice all the opportunities for delight that present themselves.

It can be the smell of fresh laundry that you’re taking out of the dryer, the fact that you remembered to bring your umbrella to work so you don’t have to run to your car through a downpour, having a genuine belly-laugh, seeing all the lovely individuals you pass on the sidewalk – really, the opportunities are ENDLESS, but you must notice when they happen, and allow yourself to feel delight.

When you bring your awareness to a moment of delight, it’s also a great opportunity to remember to slow down, take a big deep breath and to relax your shoulders!  This awareness helps us to live our lives and not just endure them.


Make a list of things that delight you!  Add some of these to your calendar.  You can add one a day, or three a day or one every other day – choose what you think you will stick with right now.  You can adapt and change as you go along.

Your delights are your own, but here are a few ideas to get you started: inspirational reading, your favorite tea, a long walk, a few minutes of meditation, fresh sheets and towels, a perfectly ripe avocado, spending time with someone you love.

Remember – this is not another “to-do” – it is an opportunity to slow down and experience the delight.

Using both of these practices together will allow you to gradually bring more delight into your days, which will allow you to feel lighter and more relaxed, which will bring more delight to your days….

Delightful, no?




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