You Are Already An Amazing Miracle

Birds are SingingI often do an exercise with my clients where I ask them to write one hundred things that make them awesome.

Let me guess.  You just thought, “One hundred things? No way I could ever do that.”

Many people have a hard time with it – we are trained to look for our flaws and the ways in which we perceive ourselves to be falling short. We aren’t trained to think about all the ways we’re great, all we’ve already accomplished, or our glorious talents (which we tend to take for granted.)

The crazy thing is that, without exception, I could rattle off twenty or thirty things that make each client awesome without thinking about it too hard.  Even if I’ve only spoken with them a few times.

So here’s the deal.

Although you may want to make changes in your life – you may have goals and dreams and great big plans not yet realized –
you are already a miraculous, unique and incredible human being.  Right now.  Today.  This moment.

We often focus on all that’s not yet done or accomplished.  On how far we still want to go.  This can lead to frustration and burnout.

Along with focusing on where we want to go, it’s important to celebrate how far you’ve already come.

I first heard about the concept of The Gap from my coach, Christine Kane, but it was developed by Dan Sullivan.

Dan teaches that when we feel disappointed, discouraged or stuck, we are most likely focused on the The Gap.  The Gap is the distance from where we are to where we want to go.  When we’re focused on The Gap, we’re measuring our current circumstance against the ideal ultimate outcome we want.

He teaches that if you turn it around and measure the distance you’ve traveled from your starting point, you will realize “I’ve learned a lot, I’ve made progress, I’ve completed some of the steps toward my goal, I’m creating momentum!”

When you measure your progress from where you started, you can celebrate your awesomeness!  You can almost feel your brain relaxing when you shift your attention in this way.

Let’s say you want to write a book.  You’ve come up with an idea and sketched out the plot and some of the main characters.  You’ve written a rough draft of the first two chapters.  One day when you were feeling blocked you wrote a rough draft of your bio for the back flap.  You meet monthly with a group of fellow writers to critique each other’s work.

Do your thoughts run something like this?  “I should have written at least six chapters by now.  This will never get done.  And it’s crap anyway…”

or  “Wow, I’ve already gotten so many things done! Most people who say they want to write a book never even start.  I’m building momentum.  Of course it’s not polished, that’s what rough drafts are for!”

Which do you think will motivate you to move forward with the book?

We do this to ourselves ALL THE TIME, ABOUT EVERYTHING!

This is why I love the “100 Things That Are Awesome About You” exercise.  It’s a great way to spend time thinking about all that you’ve already accomplished and have and ARE – and shift your focus away from The Gap.

So here’s my challange to you today.  Make a list of 100 things that are awesome about you.

Write it in your journal, or on fancy paper, or your kid’s leftover notebook from last year – but it’s important that you write it and not just think about it.  Writing by hand has power.  It uses uniques parts of your brain.

To get you started, you can include

  • personality traits,
  • accomplishments at school/work/life,
  • talents,
  • quirks,
  • times when you did the right thing even though it was hard,
  • times you did something even though it scared the crap out of you,
  • things you’re proud of,
  • things you love to do…

Really, there are thousands of things that are awesome about you.  Coming up with 100 should be a snap.

You are already an amazing miracle!


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