Leap and the Net Will Appear

Leap And The Net Will AppearEveryone has a dream. A goal that you feel pulled toward.

Maybe it’s to write a book, or run a marathon, or create a business, or learn karate, or build a house.

There are as many dreams and goals as there are people to dream them!

What breaks my heart is the person who’s not pursuing the dream because of fear. When we want to try something new, we inevitably face fear – our brains are wired that way. We may fear looking foolish, not being good enough, failing, or losing something or someone we value.

We want to be reasonably sure that we’re not going to fall flat on our faces, so we keep telling ourselves, “I’m not ready. I need more time, more knowledge, more money. I’ll feel ready later.”

In my experience, life doesn’t work like that. You can always be taking action to realize your dream. You are ready to start right now.  You may will feel uncertainty about the outcome, because none of us can see the future.

But you can’t know what’s going to happen until you try. When we take inspired action, new possibilities open up for us. People and resources show up that weren’t there before, to help us toward our dream.

Think about your favorite real life heroes. Each followed a dream – even though it may have seemed unrealistic or scary to start with. By following their own dreams, they made the world better, and made it easier for us all to dream bigger.

WNow Is As Good A Time As Anyhen you take the first step toward what you want, even though it may feel scary, it’s truly amazing how many wonderful things happen that you couldn’t even imagine. You begin to believe in yourself. You begin to become the person you need to be to achieve that dream. Your self-confidence builds. Your skill level builds. Your determination and momentum build.

And whether you achieve your dream or not, you grow through working to bring it about. There may be hurdles and mis-steps and challenges, but sometimes things will procede even more magically than you could ever imagine. And through it all, you become a different person – more skilled, more daring, more resiliant, more willing to trust yourself.

When you begin, you don’t know what you don’t know – some things will be easier than you anticipate, some will be harder.  There might be complexities you didn’t know about when you started. By working through it all, you learn – so that the next time, you’re at the next level of expertise.

You get good at doing the work by doing the work – not by waiting or wishing.

Sometimes we try and fail, or we try and come up short. Only one team wins the World Series, even though 30 teams are trying. But they all come back the next season to try again, and so must we.

Sometimes the net we hoped would be there isn’t the net we get. Sometimes it looks totally different – but I’ve never seen or experienced a situation where there was no net.

Do one thing every daythat scares you.

You may not end up where you think you’re going to, but the journey will make you more clear about what you really want. And it will give you the motivation and determination to persevere.

Every human being who has ever lived, including you and me, feels afraid sometimes. We feel like we’re not ready. But the difference between those who realize their dreams and those who don’t is largely a matter of getting started.

So start. Do something small to move yourself one step closer to your dream. Then celebrate madly. You’re on your way!

I would love to hear about how you are creating your dream, or what’s stopping you.

What are you going to try that scares you a little?

Please leave a comment below!





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