How Do You Recover From the Epic Fail?

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”  Oscar Wilde We have all experienced it.  The epic fail.  Nobody came to your party.  You didn’t get the job.  You really stuck your foot in your mouth with a new acquaintance.  Anything that you’ve planned, hoped and worked toward with all of your heart that […]

Take Imperfect Action and Call Me In the Morning…

You’ve made the decision to change something.  You’re inspired to to start a business, or begin an exercise program, or create a meditation practice, or clean up you desk.  You have connected to the reasons why doing this thing is important to you.  You know you want to start moving toward your goal. But you can’t […]

Are You Telling a Victim Story?

It’s often easier to blame circumstances outside of ourselves for our failure to move toward our goals than it is to take responsibility for our choices.  It can be gratifying and fun to play the victim. You could have lost that five pounds if only you hadn’t had to go to  so many social events […]

Do What’s Hard

During my first week at college, I saw a flyer tacked up on a bulletin board – “If you’re interested in joining the women’s crew team, show up at this place at this time.” So I did. I had never rowed before, but it drew me in.  The first time I sat in a shell […]

Don’t Believe the B.S.

Go ahead.  Take a bubble bath.  Buy yourself a new nail polish.  Watch some trashy TV.  Spend an hour on Facebook.  But don’t believe for one minute that any of those activities are going to help you change your life in any real way. They will help you stuff your feelings.  They will help you avoid […]

8 Easy Practices for Reducing Stress

 We all know that stress can sabotage our energy and our time. It can negatively impact our physical and emotional health. It cancause anxiety and depression. It can kill our enthusiam and passion for life. While it’s not possible to eleminate all stress from our lives, we have access to simple but powerful techniques to […]

Fear and Desire

I was thinking today about the fact that we are able to do things that scare us to pieces when we have a clear vision of, and a big desire for, the result we’re going to get by doing the scary thing. For example, I LOVE the beach at any time of year. Being near […]

Are You Still Trying to Figure Out What You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Or have you given up trying to figure it out because it’s too uncomfortable to contemplate that your life is just ticking by, with no real focus or joy? I can assure you from personal experience, that no matter how uncomfortable the process can be at times, figuring out what makes YOU tick, the unique […]

Driving as Spiritual Practice

I live in one of the top three worst areas for traffic in the U.S. I get to regularly experience the frustration of too many cars and not enough road. I also get to experience “bad” drivers: rude, oblivious, texting, self-centered cell-phone wielders, who seem to feel that paying attention (to the road, common courtesy […]